Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disney's Magical Kingdom

On a whim, we joined our good friend Theresa and her son Alexander at Disney's Magical Kingdom. We have taken Rocco once before, when he was only six months old. Of course now that he is older he was a lot more excited this time around. You see, the boy is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the only tv show he watches). When we first walked into the park there was a show going on in front of Cinderella's castle with all the princesses and more importantly to Rocco, Mickey Mouse. For him to see Mickey Mouse in real life, and not in his tv, was like seeing a celebrity. After the show ended he then threw one of the biggest temper tantrums of his life because he wanted to see Mickey again. Of course when he finally did see Mickey up close at a meet and greet hours later, he proceeded to become inconsolably upset and wanted absolutely nothing to do with talking to Mickey. Toddlers.

Enjoying his very first time at a splash pad

Theresa and Alexander

Hugging Alexander goodbye
Mesmerized by the night parade

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