Thursday, July 10, 2014

Posing In Her Sleep

Today Gianna was taking a nap in her swing and at one point I looked over at her and she had moved into this position. She looked so funny and cute I just had to grab my camera to take a picture of it.

Please note her ridiculously long, talon-like nails (check out that pinky nail!). For nails that are so small, they are SHARP, take my word on that. I really, really need to cut them, but I'm terrified of accidentally cutting her fingers in the process. This is not an unwarranted fear, as that is exactly what I accidentally did the very first time I cut Rocco's nails.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Little Cowboy

Rocco's school has theme days every once in a while, and usually they are something that is not very easy to participate in so he doesn't really get to dress up for them. For example the previous week had "princesses and knights day". Um, every little girl probably has a dress-up princess outfit or at least a fancy-ish dress at home, but who has a knight costume, or something that could pass for a knight costume, just laying around? Not us. But this day was cowboy day, and cowboy day we could do! Jeans, a plaid shirt Scott's mom bought him for Christmas last year, and a bandana and hat left over from his "Wild West Christmas" performance last year completed the outfit. Rocco went and grabbed his toy horse, a present from our friends Joanne and Javier a while ago, and was determined to bring that to school too. We didn't break the bad news to him that no, he could not take his toy to school, until after I got a cute picture of him in his little ensemble. There may or may not have been candy involved as a bribe to get him to pose for the photo while wearing the hat. He hates hats of all kinds, western ones included.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July on the 6th

We had grand plans for the weekend of July 4th! We were supposed to go to Gainesville to stay with my sister and her family. My parents were going to be there too. Yummy food was to be had, and we had fireworks to set off. Matching Old Navy patriotic shirts were purchased. Everything was set to go, the car was packed, and then literally minutes before we were set to leave the house for the drive to Gainesville, Rocco pukes everywhere. So much for that! We stayed home.

So the 4th of July was pushed back to the 6th of July, and we went to Scott's mom's beach condo for the day instead. Scott's mom and sister even joined us for the occasion. Before the rain rolled in around 5pm like clockwork lately, we made sure to put on our matching shirts and took photos on the beach so at least those didn't go to waste. The fireworks will just have to be used for New Year's Eve I guess.

"Red White and Cute"

Friday, July 4, 2014

2 Months Old!

It's already time for another monthly photo update! I can't believe how fast my 12 weeks of maternity leave are flying by! In fact, by the time her her next monthly photo rolls around I will have already been back to work for a full week. :( Ugh. I'm going to try to squeeze in as much baby cuddles as I possibly can over these next few weeks!

Updated stats:
Weight -  9 pounds 9.5 ounces (9th percentile)
Height - 23 inches (70th percentile)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Key West

Due to an extremely good deal on airfare ($49 each way per person!) we decided to take a last minute trip to Key West! Scott's mom decided to join us, which was extremely helpful having an extra set of hands at times when dealing with a toddler and a newborn. We spent one night in Key West at the Crowne Plaza La Concha right off Duval Street and two nights at Hawks Cay Resort.

Rocco looking so cute sitting in his seat on the plane

Gianna looked like she was praying for a safe flight

How Rocco spent most of the plane ride - watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our DVD player

Yes, he wore a plane shirt on the plane :)

Gianna and I relaxing at Caroline's - great food by the way!

Obligatory photo op at the Southernmost Point

This is how Gianna spent most of the trip - chilling in her bassinet

The next couple of photos are from our waterproof camera, so the quality isn't as good, but I still love them.

Rocco LOVED this kids play area that he called "Jake the Pirate ship"

Rocco posing by the lagoon

Another day spent playing on the pirate ship

Group photo courtesy of the camera placed on a table with a timer, thus with the awkward faces and weird camera angle

Gianna hanging out with Scott on the plane ride home

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Car Seat Comforting

Tonight on the drive home from dinner we heard Gianna fussing a little bit in her car seat, her paci apparently having fallen out of her mouth. However, within minutes both kids were fast asleep, long before we even pulled into our driveway. When we got out of the car and went to take them inside the house we discovered that Rocco, trying to be the helpful big brother that he is, had managed to squeeze his arm between his car seat and the handle of Gianna's car seat, stuck his finger in her pacifier, and tried to put it back into her mouth for her. Unsuccessful, he fell asleep with his arm in that position. Of course I had to run into the house to grab the camera and take a photo of this cute sibling interaction. I love that sweet little boy!

You can see his arm wedged in between their carseats and his hand sooo close to getting her pacifier back in for her

I moved the handle back for this photo so you can see his finger stuck in the paci and both are out for the count. Adorable.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Rocco loves throwing pennies in wishing fountains, and this is the biggest fountain he has seen yet! When we asked him what he is wishing for, he will say "More pennies!" - cracks me up!! Luckily, his Nannie always has more than one penny for him in her purse, so wish granted.