Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sea World Santa

Scott, Rocco, and I went with Scott's mother and his brother's family to Sea World to enjoy their Christmas themed decor and shows. Rocco especially loved the Sesame Street Christmas show.  However he did NOT love meeting Santa.  Originally we tried to take a photo of just him and Santa but he was having none of it.  Since this Santa does not sit down, there was no way to keep him in the photo without one of us holding him.  Since I had the camera, Scott was the lucky one haha!

So much for "Santa's Helper" ;)

Sunday, November 3, 2013


My friend Pooja was in town visiting us from Oct 30 - Nov 3.  We had fun going to a Michael Buble concert, trick-or-treating around my neighborhood, shopping at the mall and outlets, getting mani/pedis, and just having fun chatting and catching up!  I made sure to grab a photo with her before she had to leave to go back to Tallahassee on Sunday, seeing as we don't have any recent photos together which is just a tragedy in my book!