About Us!

When I was pregnant, Scott and I loved to play a certain game. The game was simple - come up with the worst possible name for our future child. With our last name being Mintz, there are a LOT of possibilities. Examples:

Pepper Mintz (peppermints)
Condi Mintz (condiments)
Refresh Mintz (refreshments)
Moe Mintz (moments)
Ella Mintz (elements)

Basically any word that ended with 'ments' or 'mints' was a potential horrific baby name. We even extended this game to our friends and family to see if they could come up with even worse baby names. I think the best one was Excre Mintz (excrements) - thank you Eric! So when it came time to name this blog, we of course had to use one of the 'bad' baby names, and so 'Amusemintz' was born!

Boring Timeline Information About Us
Fall 2003 - Scott and I met for the first time in college (Go Gators!)
01/20/05 - We officially began dating
05/13/05 - Casey (the cat)'s birthday according to his adoption papers
11/25/06 - We got engaged
05/10/08 - We got married
02/14/11 - We found out we were expecting our first child
10/17/11 - We welcomed into the world our son, Rocco

Random Facts
Scott abhors the color purple
I'm rather obsessed with the color red
We love to travel internationally. Countries we have been to together so far (in alphabetical order):
Aruba, Australia, Egypt, France, Holland, Italy, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.


  1. Hi, can you tell me what color you used on your son's nursery walls? I love it!

    1. Thanks!

      It's made by Behr but it was a customized version of their color 'Classic Silver'. Basically, we had Home Depot darken it some, then decided we didn't like it darker, and then we lightened it by adding Behr white paint to it. I know, that's really not helpful when trying to recreate it. But I think the end result was basically what 'Classic Silver' looked like in the first place! Ha!

      If anyone else has some nursery-related questions, feel free to check out the nursery post here, I might have answered it already in the comments section there: