Thursday, June 26, 2014

Car Seat Comforting

Tonight on the drive home from dinner we heard Gianna fussing a little bit in her car seat, her paci apparently having fallen out of her mouth. However, within minutes both kids were fast asleep, long before we even pulled into our driveway. When we got out of the car and went to take them inside the house we discovered that Rocco, trying to be the helpful big brother that he is, had managed to squeeze his arm between his car seat and the handle of Gianna's car seat, stuck his finger in her pacifier, and tried to put it back into her mouth for her. Unsuccessful, he fell asleep with his arm in that position. Of course I had to run into the house to grab the camera and take a photo of this cute sibling interaction. I love that sweet little boy!

You can see his arm wedged in between their carseats and his hand sooo close to getting her pacifier back in for her

I moved the handle back for this photo so you can see his finger stuck in the paci and both are out for the count. Adorable.

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