Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Trip to Disney's Magical Kingdom!

Who wants to see more Disney photos? I thought so! First up is Rocco's very first amusement park ride, Dumbo the Flying Elephant!

I believe I can fly....

Next, we took him on the Carousel ride. Believe it or not, he actually fell asleep while riding on his horse!

Getting sleepy...

Completely asleep! I guess the up and down motion was very relaxing.

We of course had to get some photos in front of Cinderella's Castle.

The Mintzes
You can't go to Disney for the first time without getting the signature Mickey Ears hat with your name embroidered on the back!

Now that Rocco had his Mickey Ears, I made Scott take another photo of us in front of Cinderella's castle. Shockingly, while Scott was taking the photo, fireworks went off! I'm not sure why, since it was still daylight outside, but it definitely made for a great photo!

The photo he took right after this one I looked scared out of my mind - I wasn't expecting the noise!
That's where the photos end. But we continued on to ride it's a Small World - where Rocco promptly fell asleep and missed the entire ride. The last ride of the day was the Haunted Mansion - where he of course decided to wake up, making us feel like horrible parents for potentially traumatizing him for life. He wasn't scared though, since he had no clue where he was, per usual. But he did provide great material for other tourists to use to mock their scared loved ones. We overheard this conversation (and several more variations of it) while in line: "Look - that baby isn't scared! Don't be a scaredy cat!". The best retort we overheard was "That baby has no clue what's going on!" So very true, but we still like to think he had a great time visiting the Happiest Place on Earth. We know we did! I'm sure we will back, but probably not in the too near future, despite living only 40 minutes away. After all, Disney is also one of the most expensive places on earth ;-)

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