Monday, February 20, 2012

Playtime with Rocco

Rocco got a brand new activity mat for Christmas which he absolutely loves. It has a keyboard that he can play music on with his feet, a mirror, and several hanging animals for him to swat at with his hands. At first, all he wanted to do was vigorously stomp on the keyboard keys and occasionally would happen to notice the handsome baby staring back at him in the mirror. Recently though, he has learned that he can grab things with his hands and he pretty much has stopped using the keyboard all together. Here are some photos of our little monkey playing on his activity mat while Scott and I recovered from a wonderful case of food poisoning.

Mirror, mirror, who is the cutest baby of them all?

Me? You must say that to all the babies!

Unrelated - I still have no idea what color Rocco's eyes are/will be. When he was born they were steel gray. Over time they have changed. One day they seem to be bluer, the next day greener, and some days they even appear to be turning hazel/brown near the pupil. Any guesses on what the final color will be? There's a poll on the right hand side, so place your bets!We won't know for sure until he is about a year old, but they will more than likely not get lighter in color, only darker if anything. Either way, his little peepers are pretty cute:

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