Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Little Cowboy

Rocco's school has theme days every once in a while, and usually they are something that is not very easy to participate in so he doesn't really get to dress up for them. For example the previous week had "princesses and knights day". Um, every little girl probably has a dress-up princess outfit or at least a fancy-ish dress at home, but who has a knight costume, or something that could pass for a knight costume, just laying around? Not us. But this day was cowboy day, and cowboy day we could do! Jeans, a plaid shirt Scott's mom bought him for Christmas last year, and a bandana and hat left over from his "Wild West Christmas" performance last year completed the outfit. Rocco went and grabbed his toy horse, a present from our friends Joanne and Javier a while ago, and was determined to bring that to school too. We didn't break the bad news to him that no, he could not take his toy to school, until after I got a cute picture of him in his little ensemble. There may or may not have been candy involved as a bribe to get him to pose for the photo while wearing the hat. He hates hats of all kinds, western ones included.

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