Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July on the 6th

We had grand plans for the weekend of July 4th! We were supposed to go to Gainesville to stay with my sister and her family. My parents were going to be there too. Yummy food was to be had, and we had fireworks to set off. Matching Old Navy patriotic shirts were purchased. Everything was set to go, the car was packed, and then literally minutes before we were set to leave the house for the drive to Gainesville, Rocco pukes everywhere. So much for that! We stayed home.

So the 4th of July was pushed back to the 6th of July, and we went to Scott's mom's beach condo for the day instead. Scott's mom and sister even joined us for the occasion. Before the rain rolled in around 5pm like clockwork lately, we made sure to put on our matching shirts and took photos on the beach so at least those didn't go to waste. The fireworks will just have to be used for New Year's Eve I guess.

"Red White and Cute"

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