Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Some of you might recall the cute Easter bunny hat Rocco wore last year. Well, I had to put him in it again (a short lived tradition I am sure, since his head barely fit in it this year). He's such a cute little bunny!

To celebrate Easter we had lunch at Maggiano's with Scott's sister and his brother's family. Scott's mom unfortunately wasn't feeling well. Here's a quick family photo we took after lunch was over (minus me and Scott's sister-in-law):

Rocco was wearing a special Easter outfit for the occasion. Once we got home I let him go on an Easter egg hunt outside of our house, so here's some better photos of his cute outfit from that:

Have I mentioned how much I love pants with cute things on the butt? So sad that he is very soon going to be too old to wear things like that :(

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