Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things Rocco will never know about

There are certain things Rocco will never know about. No, I am not talking about my partying days in college, though I certainly hope he never finds any photographic evidence of that! 

Going to a Marilyn Manson concert or a Gothic themed party - you decide.

No, what I'm talking about is something like this:

I saw this a while back on Pinterest and it really made me laugh.

You don't know what Pinterest is? If you're a woman, welcome to your newest online addiction: (Just leave a comment on this blog post if you want me to send you an invite.)

As I was saying, the above photo made me laugh because Rocco won't even know what an audio cassette tape even is, no less how a pencil has anything to do with it. Which got me to thinking, what else will Rocco never know about? When you think about it, life has really changed since even just the 1990s. Let's a take a quick trip down memory lane:

Do you remember when you used to open up a newspaper to see what movies were playing?
Do you remember always having change on you so you could use a pay phone in case of an emergency?
Do you remember when you had to use up a whole roll of film, drop it off at a store to be developed, and then wait an hour before you could see how a photo came out?
Do you remember when you used to go to the library and used an Encyclopedia, instead of using Wikipedia, to look something up?
Do you remember getting in your car and then reaching over to unlock the other doors for your passengers?
Do you remember when you used to call someone to ask for directions to their house instead of asking for their street address for your GPS?

Who knows what the future will bring and what new things will be improved upon or become outdated by the time Rocco is in his 20s. But I'll tell you one thing, the future will probably still include college students doing this:

Scott, king of keg stands.


  1. I am sure Carrie or I took the goth pic, I remember that night!

    1. Yup! Now the question is - why didn't you tell me I looked completely ridiculous? LOL!

  2. Well, I wore a "Golf" outfit because Chris and I wanted to play against the "Goth" theme. I still have those pics - we were all too funny. It wasn't that ridiculous - we were in college - pretty much anything goes. :) Love the blog!! xoxo, Theresa

    1. I remember that!! Soo funny! I wish I had gone with a golf themed outfit instead - much less embarrassing. Oh well, at least facebook wasn't really around back then or else I would really be in trouble!