Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

Well, it looks like I haven't touched this blog in almost exactly two years since my first (and only) post. Of course that means I'm sure to be successful at keeping it updated now that I am even busier with a newborn, right? But it's a brand new year and that means it's time for everyone to decide to make a bunch of promises they are probably not going to keep and to start a bunch of projects they probably are not going to finish. Here's to hoping that this blog isn't one of them. But if it is, I totally blame Rocco.

Without further adieu here are my 2012 Resolutions:
1.  Try to post on this blog regularly.
2.  Update Rocco's baby book frequently so I won't get overwhelmed with the task of completing it by the time he turns one.  (Look at me - I already started on this one! To see a sneak peek, click here)
3.  Do the whole breastfeeding/pumping thing until Rocco is 1 year old. (Dude, that pumping shit is a pain in the ass.) Which also leads me to...
4.  Try to not cuss as much for fear of Rocco's first word being 'shit' or 'ass'. 
5.  Take down my Christmas Tree before Feb 1. (Unlike in 2008 when it stayed up until April, no joke).

Lofty goals, I know. What, you have better ones?


  1. soo..have you taken down the tree? ;)

    1. Why yes I have! In fact, we took the tree down on Sunday January 22, way ahead of my procrastination schedule of January 31 ;-) One resolution down, four to go! Resolutions 1, 2, and 3 are going ok. Number 4, not so much. Whoops.