Saturday, November 17, 2012

13 Months Old!

Now that Rocco is over a year old, we are ditching the monthly photos of him laying on the desk calendar. He's just too mobile and too big to keep that up. However, we are not done with the monthly photos! The new plan is to continue to take a monthly photo of him but with a 'theme' that goes with that calendar month. Some months the theme might just have to be 'cute photo of Rocco' ;)

This month's theme is "Fall Leaves":

Milestones for this month:
- Pulls himself up to a standing position on his own (requiring us to lower his crib mattress)
- Started walking while holding on to furniture (also known as 'cruising')
- Got two teeth at the same time! He finally has teeth!
- Started drinking cow's milk (which was a bigger deal to me than it was to him - I finally put my pump away!)

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