Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End

It's bittersweet to write this, but this is officially the end of a 'Daily Dose of Rocco'. I'm very proud that I have taken exactly 100 photos a day of Rocco! It helped that I had such a cute subject ;)

I still plan on taking tons of photos of Rocco, how could I not? But it's nice now not having the pressure of having to take a photo every.single.day. I'm sure Rocco appreciates it too.

This is Rocco's very first stuffed animal - Mel the kola bear. Mel is short for Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia is where I found out that I was pregnant with Rocco (on Valentine's Day no less!). We bought Mel for Rocco before he was even born, so Mel is very dear to my heart. Hopefully he will be dear to Rocco's heart too. He seems to like him so far.

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